About the Game

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The ClearFear Game is a real-life social game in which players are helped to find their own superpowers. By becoming our superheroes, ClearFear game players tackle missions with the support of a small team to overcome their fears. Together, game players create a secret smiling society which no longer fears fear.

Mission completed.

We finished the scenario for recovery groups for social anxiety. The ClearFear game superhero narrative provides a fictional frame for the exploration of reality. Unlike psychological therapy which takes people towards their fear, ClearFear takes players away from it into a fictional frame to poke fun at it. This ‘dramatic distancing’ is somewhat paradoxical, but enables players to engage with buried aspects of themselves more profoundly. Fear becomes a nemesis to overcome through a series of fun missions.

If you wanna get involved or want to use the ClearFear Game in your support group please contact us at: hello@playmakers.cc

Mission accepted.

Right now we are working on different scenarios. For single players and various scenarios that can be among friends, families. In order to be able to develop those scenarios and produce the needed gimmicks we run a crowd funding campaign with the support of the RSA. Please secure our secret Headquarters and put in your contribution: Kickstarter Campaign