Partner Agencies

CoCreation and Evalution

yorkInternational Centre for Mental Health Social Research. (University of York) The International Centre for Mental Health Social Research (ICMHSR) brings together researchers from around the world to undertake a unique research program applying social science to mental health practice. We’re evaluating a pilot of the game to see if it helps to connect people, reduce anxiety and improve players’ well-being and feelings of empowerment.


Initial Funding and Crowd-Funding Support

RSA Catalyst Fund. The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce) Fellowship is a network of over 27,000 Fellows in over 80 countries. Mobilizing the talent and experience of our Fellows we turn ideas into action. By adding your expertise and enthusiasm to the Fellowship Network, you can too.



logoKingston Recovery Initiative Social Enterprise. Kingston RISE is a peer group for individuals in recovery from addiction, their friends, families, professionals and community allies who support their recovery journey. Their aim is to for social cohesion and community wellbeing, promoting social inclusion and integration, regeneration and community empowerment, challenging marginalization, stigma and inequality.




West Kent Recovery Service. RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce) is piloting its Whole Person Recovery System at the center of West Kent. The Whole Person Recovery Project marks a step forward for the RSA’s work on drugs. Like much of the RSA’s activity, Whole Person Recovery combines research and thinking with practical innovation on the ground.


cropped-connecting-peopleConnecting People study. This study group is exploring the role of health and social care workers in assisting people to develop social relationships, gain access to resources and develop secure attachments within their social networks.


dieLichtfabrik. dieLichtfabrik is a cultural center for social arts. It provides both the space and the network to fuel the development of creative projects to overcome the difficulties of our generation. In working together at dieLichtfabrik, artists, social entrepreneurs, and interested persons from all areas and backgrounds will benefit from each other’s knowledge, skills and strengths.



Social Capital World ForumThe Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) brings together organizations (civil society, NGOs, social enterprises, academic, statutory sector, etc) working at a regional/national level with social capital as a key resource for enhancing community well-being and resilience.





International Congress for an Education for LifeThe Congress seeks to consolidate the Americas Region in education and rights within the framework of new trends in education from an integral, inclusive, equitable, diverse, responsible and transformational perspective to live well.